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AlarmForce U.S. is now part of the Select Security family, which means you now get the best in home security combined with our award-winning service. You are a valued customer and we are dedicated to making this transition simple and worry-free for you.

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About Select Security

We've been helping homes and businesses by protecting what matters most to them since 2003, but our roots go much deeper.

Our founder, Patrick Egan, installed his first security system in 1972, as a favor to his friend, the owner of the Garden Spot Bowling Center in Strasburg, Pa. Over the next 25 years, he grew his business into one of the largest electronic security systems companies in the U.S. After selling Commonwealth Security Systems to Republic Industries, Mr. Egan decided to start over again, founding Select Security.

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We're dedicated to you.

When it comes to making sure our customers are happy, our Customer Relationship Representatives are always being proactive, although they don’t always get the credit they deserve. For while they are often the person contacted when a customer has a problem, they also work behind the scenes, ensuring a positive, and seamless, customer experience for many.

But it isn’t all solving problems, our Customer Relationship Representatives are also cross trained in a multitude of disciplines, enabling them to answer customer questions on everything from online account use, billing and invoices, even helping customers understand how to operate their systems. Our Customer Relationship Representatives also handle all customer concerns and complaints, working hard to ensure everyone is satisfied.

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To chat with our Customer Support team and learn more about the Select Security - Alarm Force transition, send us an email.
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