We know you have questions, and we're here to help.

AlarmForce U.S. is now part of the Select Security family, which means you now get the best in home security combined with our award-winning service. You are a valued customer and we are dedicated to making this transition simple and worry-free for you.

Select Security acquired AlarmForce's United States customers in the summer of 2017. Since then, our team has had the pleasure of getting to know our new customers through providing technical support, upgrading assistance and answering your questions.

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About AlarmForce Canada  - What Happened?

AlarmForce Industries Inc., is a well-established publicly traded security company based in Canada, that started selling security systems in the United States in late 2005.  After 11 years, they discontinued advertising their services and subsequently decided to completely exit the U.S. Select Security acquired all 28,000 U.S. customers in the summer of 2017.  AlarmForce is very large and successful in Canada, but before the U.S. operation was sold to Select Security, customers were cancelling their services at an annualized rate of 30%.

To ease the burden that AlarmForce customers were experiencing, Select Security is continually improving and implementing many new initiatives to stop AlarmForce customers from being so unhappy they feel their only option is to cancel their services.

Our first initiative was identifying inherent issues with the older technology of AlarmForce-made systems, and creating a program to upgrade customers with AlarmForce systems to Select Security's new and more reliable technology as fast as we can. For more information on upgrading your system, click here.

AlarmForce's Older Legacy Technology

It is public record that the founder of AlarmForce Canada left the company several years ago, and new management in Canada opted to stop manufacturing and installing their non-supervised wireless AlarmForce system in the Fall of 2016.  This original AlarmForce system was designed with batteries that must be changed every 12 months by the customer, and the system is not “supervised.” This means it cannot signal the 24-hour monitoring center of a low battery issue on the system, or individual transmitters to warn us the system needs maintenance.

Additionally, the AlarmForce smartphone applications, AF Connect and VideoRelay, are no longer being updated in app stores. So soon, they may not be compatible with new iPhone and Androids that are introduced by those manufacturers.

This is why Select Security is offering very affordable system upgrades to new technology and the widely used and ultra reliable alarm.com smart phone application to existing AlarmForce customers with $0 installation fees and $0 equipment costs. For more information about upgrading your system, please click here.

AlarmForce Industries is no longer manufacturing their own wireless systems. When parts run out for older systems, Select Security may be unable to fix these AlarmForce systems as they begin to get older.

Keeping your best interest in mind, Select Security strongly recommends upgrading your existing AlarmForce system to a new, state-of-the-art Select Security system. Each of our systems features a 5 to 7 year battery life, unlike the 12-month battery life of AlarmForce systems.

Select Security Created A Team For You

After purchasing AlarmForce U.S., Select Security opened a separate division with 70 dedicated and talented staff, ready to assist you with technical troubleshooting, customer assistance, information about upgrading and any other questions you may have regarding your current system or the transition.

AlarmForce Canada, as well as AlarmForce U.S./Select Security,  found that many customers were having serious problems with their existing systems because batteries were not being maintained and changed by customers as specified in service agreements and in user guides.

We took the initiative to launch a massive upgrade program to offer customers new, fully supervised systems. Select Security/AlarmForce U.S.  designed an annual battery replacement program for existing systems for customers who wish to keep their AlarmForce Legacy Systems.

We have updated user manuals, created troubleshooting guides for common problems and even step-by-step battery change instructions for these Legacy Systems and still offer technical support and assistance to those customers who have not yet upgraded their AlarmForce systems.

Select Security is proud to offer new security systems with a 5 to 7 year battery life, with control panels that regularly report its status to our monitoring centers.

What’s Happening in Your Neighborhood

AlarmForce customers in the U.S. will be happy to know we have expended the number of field technicians in all service areas and equipped them with brand new Select Security Trucks, tools, Legacy parts and state-of-the-art installation and diagnostic tools.  We have more than doubled the number of staff previously in the U.S. for AlarmForce customers and we are solely dedicated to serve your needs.

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Letters to Customers

Below, you'll find copies of letters we've mailed earlier this year regarding the acquisition.

September, 2017

Dear Customer,
A few weeks ago we wrote to introduce you to Select Security, and since then we’ve had the pleasure of talking with quite a few of you who are excited about the transition and the customer benefits it brings.

Today, we would like to introduce you to the team that is responsible for ensuring your satisfaction. Inside our customer care department is a team dedicated solely to serving the needs of our newest Select Security AlarmForce US customers. In addition to offering you one-call resolution for many of the common customer questions, such as assisting you with contact changes, account questions, or billing updates, our customer care team has been trained on the unique needs of the existing equipment and systems. And to make things easier, we’ve opened a new telephone number just for you. Simply call (844) SELECT-5, and regardless of your need, our award winning group stands ready to answer any question you may have.

Our team of product experts are also available when you’re ready to talk about upgrading your system to the latest technology. With the rapid pace of innovation, security has never been more convenient and secure, with options like full color touchscreens, remote Bluetooth disarming, a built-in camera, and fully encrypted sensors. As an added bonus, we’re offering special incentives for loyal customers like you! To learn more, call us today at (844) SELECT-5.

August, 2017

Important Information Regarding AlarmForce US

As the President of Select Security, it is my pleasure to let you know that we have reached an agreement with AlarmForce to become your new security provider. Our purchase of their United States assets was completed on June 21st, 2017, and I can now officially welcome you into the Select Security family of satisfied customers.

With offices currently across Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and continually adding more, Select Security has a team in place that has been recognized for their ability to find new ways to serve customers, and one of the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the industry. In addition to being named ‘Installer of the Year’ by a national trade magazine, Select Security’s team has been recognized for its community service and has been named to the INC 5000 list of the fastest growing U.S. companies.

I’m sure you have many questions about what this means for you, but to answer the most common question we often hear, your security system will continue to be monitored as usual.

In fact, part of this transition will be the process of converting your alarm monitoring services from the current location into Select Security’s network of four certified Secure Operation Centers. And because we have the experience of more than 45 company acquisitions like this, we’ve been able to design the transfer of your monitoring services to be seamless, and you will not lose coverage during this time.

We think you’ll also appreciate being taken care of by our award winning customer care department, which we are currently expanding, so we can offer you a team who is cross trained on a multitude of disciplines to act as your one-stop for any questions you might have. So we can better serve the needs of your community, we also anticipate opening full service branch offices in locations served by AlarmForce where we currently don’t have a presence.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of our state-of-the-art security systems, home automation options, and interactive services. Our smart home systems can connect all of the key devices in your home, giving you smart and responsive automation and seamless control built on a platform of home security.

So here’s what’s coming. In the near future, you’ll get another message from us with more information on our customer care center and providing you with a new telephone number to call. We’ll also soon begin sending all AlarmForce customers new yard signs and window stickers that you can use to warn burglars that your security system is being monitored by Select Security, a recognized leader in the industry.

In the meantime, please continue to call the numbers you were provided by AlarmForce.

Welcome to our family. There are a lot of good things heading your way and we are proud to be serving you.



Steve Firestone
Select Security